“Our company was created in 2016 in Grenoble by an ENT doctor and an engineer. We have brought together skills to develop new listening solutions with free ears in order to live better.

We innovated in the design and integration of existing technologies to provide maximum comfort, safety and protect our ears. Therefore, our headphones use bone conduction and directional air conduction depending on the product. Moreover, the distance of the earphones from the eardrum as well as the limitation of the sound intensity allows them a safe listening. »

Two technologies for better living

To listen your music and call everytime and everywhere

Today, we all want to listen to the world: music, podcasts, news, while remaining connected to our close environment.


solution acouphene dans la rue

In the street

To ensure your own safety.

Casque à conduction osseuse

In the countryside

To stay tuned to nature.

solution acouphene dans la rue

At home

To stay attentive to those around us.

solution acouphene dans la rue

At work

To remain accessible to colleagues.

To fall asleep

Sleep has essential virtues for our mental and physical health. It strengthens our immune system, our metabolism, helps fight against cardiovascular diseases, mood disorders, promotes learning and memorization, it even helps to lose weight!

Sleeping well is still difficult for many people in modern society.

Listening to soothing sounds, music, ASMR can help you fall asleep.


technologie pour s'endormir

To mask your tinnitus

Tinnitus is a parasitic noise (hissing, buzzing, crackling, etc.) heard only by the person who suffers from it.

Today, in the world, 10% of the population suffers from tinnitus, half of them constantly and the other half frequently. This trauma spreads to younger people, mainly linked to excessive exposure to noise and without necessarily being accompanied by hearing loss. Tinnitus can be a real handicap for those who suffer from it and degrade their quality of life: irritability, anxiety, lack of gaiety or even depression.

Listening to white or soothing noises can be used to mask tinnitus and distract the person’s attention and regain a sense of relaxation and well-being. This solution is not a cure but it does reduce the stress generated by the pervasiveness of tinnitus.


The advantages of our audio devices



You are no longer isolated from traffic noise.



Your ears stay open and free.



A good sound quality while preserving your hearing.