About us

Earsquared offers “free ears listening solutions for walking, cycling, working, sleeping.. in comfort and safety

Earsquared Grenoble

Earsquared is a french company based at Grenoble in the Alps with the ambition to become the reference in free ears listening and puts the french design in spotlight.

Born in 2016, Earsquared is the result of the meeting of an ENT doctor and an engineer eager to take up a major technological challenge. Indeed, their objective: to offer the general public a listening solution that simultaneously preserves the health of the hearing, the quality of the sound and the safety in your daily activities (sports, pedestrians, etc.).

Earsquared take care of your hearing!

With its dual expertise, Earsquared offers its customers headphones and other wireless objects that respect their eardrums and allow them to stay connected to the outside world.


Earsquared is also audio solution to help to fall asleep, relax, fight stress…

Earsquared design products adapted to the needs of their customers for all situations that require different listening.

With the EarSLEEP memory shape pillow, fall asleep softly with music or a soft voice. The Earsquared range naturally meets legislative requirements, but also requirements relating to sound quality, safety constraints and comfort.

Today, Earsquared is the best alternative to usual heaphones to soften and secure your daily life.




Earsquared offers these customers a whole range of premium products at very reasonable price.