About us


A European meeting 


Earsquared was born from the meeting between a Belgian ENT and a French engineer. Founded in France in the Grenoble, Earsquared is based on a deeply European culture that guides its choices in its development and in particular in its English name with the aim of being understood by all

A common observation


It all started with a common observation between the founders on times during which we would like to listen to music, or simply stay connected to our phone, without any constraints.


For one, the pain in the cartilage was getting unbearable. This mainly comes from the diameter of our ear canal and the hardness of our cartilage. Yet what a joy to listen to good music without an earpiece or without a headset that compresses your auricle. This was only possible at home and again the music had to please the whole family, which was not always the case.


For the other one , it was the isolation that was a problem. He yearned to play tennis while listening to music but still hearing his playing partner. Swimming in music was also complicated, since water always ended up seeping between the eardrum and the earpiece, making the sound inaudible.



And a desire to create


Drawing on their scientific strengths, their experiences and their creativity, the founders decided to develop products adapted to each context which would combine the pleasure of a good sound, without pain or isolation.


Qualité de son

3 years of research


Today there are 2 technologies that make it possible to design a product with headphones deported to the front or back of the ears in order to leave them free:


– Bone conduction of sound

– Directional air conduction


These technologies are differentiated by the transducer used: a bone conduction transducer and an air conduction speaker.

Each technology has its share of benefits and drawbacks. For 3 years, we have studied them in order to offer the best compromises depending on the applications.

Our goal is to offer the best alternative to traditional audio products, tailored to the requirements of our customers and for all situations that require different listening.