earphones allow
you to make calls, listen to music,
news, GPS… while staying in touch
with your surroundings.

Let your ears free
for safe getting around

and discreet

extended listening

  is a perfect 3-in-1 solution:

EarCITY earphones are the result of 2 years of extensive R&D and use next generation technology to bring you safety and comfort.
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Safety & comfort
When comfort finally meets safety.

Are you a pedestrian or a cyclist?
Combine comfort and safety when getting around the city.
With EarCITY you can keep your ears free
and hear surrounding sounds while staying
connected to your smartphone.

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EarCITY is the result of 2 years of intense R&D. The more you know about EarCITY, the more you’ll love it!


EarCITY offers absolute comfort of use

no excessive pressure and you don’t feel the vibrations. EarCITY is good for the user and the environment.


The transducer’s position behind the ear

on the concha- and coating optimize the volume and limits the loudspeaker effect – nobody around you can hear what you are listening to -


By keeping your ears free

EarCITY is not only a guarantee of comfort, but safety as well.


EarCITY requires energy to guarantee

a complete running by bone conduction and Bluetooth operation with the phone. To provide enough autonomy of use, EarCITY is sold with a power bank. It can also be used with any other power source equipped with a USB port (computer, electric bike...)


More about bone conduction

We usually hear sounds by aerial conduction. The sound waves move through the air. When they hit the tympanic membrane, they generate vibrations that are transferred to the ossicles and then to the inner ear.

With EarCITY, there are no sound waves moving in the air. The vibrations are produced by a transducer, instead of the tympanic membrane. When the transducer touches your head, these vibrations move through the soft tissues and the bones of the skull and reach directly the inner ear.


EarCITY has been presented at the 2018 VivaTech conference in Paris, in May.
Launch is scheduled for autumn 2018.

Pre-ordering is highly recommended. Choose your favourite colour and leave us your e-mail address. We will inform you when EarCITY becomes available for sale.



An ENT doctor and an engineer joined forces and founded EarSquared to design a new generation of earphones combining quality, safety and comfort.
After two years of R&D and 3 models later, they achieved their dream: a high-end product, comfortable, robust and simple. Today, they bring this project to all active people, who – just like them – like cruising the city by bike or on foot, but want to stay in contact with the world, safely, while listening to their favourite contents.

Nelly Martin, PhD
Co-founder & CEO of EarSquared
PhD, materials and electrochemistry
Former engineer-researcher

Thomas Lequeux, MD
Co-founder & President of EarSquared
Medical Doctor
ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon


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F38210 Tullins